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BU services are not currently available in REGION. If you would like to learn more about services we offer, you may contact us directly or select another region. Please be advised you are now leaving the Northern Funds section and being directed to a site maintained by Northern Trust. Please click OK to continue. Please click OK to continue. Wealth Management > United States > Services > Investing > Mutual Funds > Education > Minimum. The prospectus and summary prospectus contains more complete information, including management fees and expenses. Please read the prospectus and summary prospectus carefully before you invest or send money. If you have any questions about your required minimum distribution, our Northern Funds Center representatives will be delighted to assist you.

09.09.2019 · Northern Trust Investments is the U.S.-based arm of Northern Trust Asset Management. However, Northern Trust Asset Management is merely a branch of the entire Northern Trust Corporation, a publicly-traded financial holding company. Northern Trust Corporation has been in business since 1889, while NTI was opened in 1988. Dig in, and you’ll find that Northern Trust is all about chasing huge accounts now. While management has told me they still accept individual trust accounts, their fee structure – including the notorious $20,000 annual minimum – really doesn’t make sense unless you’re bringing more than $5 million to the table.

NORTHERN TRUST IS WINNING IN WEALTH MANAGEMENT Northern Trust’s brand reinforces consistent service, excellence, expertise and integrity Northern Trust offers its clients a unique combination of intellectual capital, technology, experience and capabilities These integrated offerings position Northern Trust well to capture the significant opportunity that exists in the Wealth Management. 25.02.2009 · I don’t think we should stop at crucifying Northern Trust for enjoying themselves and entertaining clients after taking TARP funds. We should go after every welfare recipient that uses food.

Wealth trends, insights and advice from Northern Trust.</plaintext> Global Family and Private Investment. - Northern Trust.</p> <p>Although the $20,000 minimum fee looks steep at first, it makes a lot more sense when you consider that Northern Trust isn’t really interested in personal directed trust accounts with less than $5 million in assets. For a client with that kind of wealth, the $20,000 translates into at most 40 basis points a year—pretty low by industry standards. Wealth: Is the cloud truly an appropriate storage option for wealth management documents, as opposed to a hard drive or filing cabinet? Todd Fitzgerald: We have reached a place where you can consider the cloud to be your primary document storage location, rather than your desktop. 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